Chess Software Reviews

There are many, many different versions of chess databases, games, and applications that you can buy. Which should you choose? This section will be expanded to contain more chess software reviews in the future, but here are three brief reviews. Each review also contains a link to a flash video showing some of the basics and design of each program. The flash videos may take a while to download and watch if you are on a slow internet connection.

Chessbase 9

Chessbase 9 is one of the top chess database systems that can be purchased. Chessbase 9 is most beneficial for the serious chess player who desires to search for various game positions, log and study his/her game, and play chess online.

Chessbase 9 is rather expensive compared to other programs that have more limited database functions.

Click Here to watch a Flash video showing some of Chessbase's features.

Chessmaster 10 th Edition

Chessmaster is one of the best know chess games in the world. The first Chessmaster game I purchased was Chessmaster 3000. Chessmaster 10th Ed. offers an amazing amount of learning, study, and play materials for the casual to serious chess player.

First Chessmaster comes with a wide assortment of teaching videos, opening game studies, tactics, endgame studies and more.

Most computer games play like "computers" which often isn't much fun. Chessmaster though offers many, many dozens of different "personalities" to play against. At its lower (easier) levels it will often make mistakes just like humans make.

Click Here to see a short video demonstrating some of its features.

ECTool 7.01

ECTool is in my opinion the best e-mail/correspondence chess program on the market. ECTool's manages all aspects of e-mail chess play, making it very easy to keep track of who's move it is, when you moved last, automatically checking for emails and sorting the new moves to the appropriate games/tournaments. The program is cheap and at least till now, has included free upgrades when the developer comes out with upgrades.

Click Here to see a short flash video of ECTool's.

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