Welcome to The Akron Chess Club!

Ohio's largest chess player venue invites you to visit and enjoy.

We hope you will find The Akron Chess Club to be a congenial place for you to come and play the Royal Game. Here you will find many chess players of all abilities and interests, from novice to intermediate to Master.

Whether you prefer just a casual game or two on a Saturday afternoon or are here for serious tournament play, we can accommodate you.

If this is your first visit to our new web site you will find that we have added several new features including:

Club Activities

The ACC provides its members with a full schedule of activities each month, ranging from tournaments to instructional clinics, to teach matches, to casual chess playing. Members can choose their level of participation ranging from social to serious chess play.

Following is a listing of some of our activities:

The Akron Chess Club meets every Saturday year round.

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