The Akron Chess Club

                     Policy on Junior Players


The Akron Chess Club offers Junior members and visitors reduced tournament entry fee rates to players under 18 years of age. Tournament entry fees will be ½ of regular adult fees in all Non-Rated Tournaments. In USCF rated events all entry fees are the same for everyone.

Junior participants and visitors to The Akron Chess Club are expected to conduct themselves as proper ladies and gentlemen at all times, and follow the instructions of the Executive Director or any member in charge of the meeting or special event.

Unruly and disruptive conduct will not be tolerated at any Akron Chess Club meeting or special event.

Any Akron Chess Club participant in any event or any visitor under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the meeting room at all times when they are attending any event or visiting our meeting location. The Akron Chess Club member in charge of the meeting or special event is not a babysitter!

The Akron Chess Club takes no responsibility for any minor children under the age of 18. The care and supervision of Junior players or visitors are the responsibility of the parent or guardian of said children.

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